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In 2006 I was commissioned by a magazine to interpret the concept of metamorphosis visually in the form of a photographic project. Since I had a few months to complete this commission, I decided to photograph crematoria in and around London where I was based at the time. The moment of death is the last and final transition, a dreaded rite of passage that every human must undergo. The importance of this moment, for those left behind, is made obvious in the solemnity of the design of such places.


The contrast between the areas open to the public and those that are behind locked doors is stark. The former secular chapels designed to please all religious denominations, the later industrial interiors resembling a steel mill. Everyday in these crematoria transformations occur. Family and friends get to say their farewells to those leaving this world and bodies are transformed by fire, finally reduced to about 2 kilogram of ashes. The rest metamorphosed into water vapour, minuscule particles and ethereal matter. 

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