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Ineffable Light


I had previously visited crematoriums while completing the project Metamorphosis 2001. Back then I was concerned with the spaces where a change took place, from the physical to the metaphysical. I felt attracted and repelled by the portholes fitted on the doors of the cremation ovens, they gave me the possibility of looking right into my fear of death and fire. Although I had the choice to look into these peepholes I was too scared to give in to my curiosity.


Ineffable Light was consequently started as a reaction to this curiosity and fear (something that stayed with me ever since). The distance I photographed them from is a testament to this conflict of feelings, this safe distance offers us the chance to see while it denies us the possibility of looking in.


These portholes allow the light to escape. By placing the camera a few feet away perfectly aligned I was allowed to capture this evading light. 

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